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Come and discover an invigorating blend of ancient vineyard cultivation and wine production practices fused with agricultural innovation. Get to know the places, people and flavors that are drawing international recognition. Dozens of majestic wineries and vineyards await your arrival just a short drive away!

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Western Negev, Credit Giora Lev

Western Flavors

The Art Of wine Win Win, Credit Kellie Day

The Art Of wine

Two hidden cities - Two hidden wineries Sand boarding, Credit Eran Peer

Two hidden cities, Two hidden wineries

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About Negev Desert Wine initiative

In recent decades, Negev pioneers planted vineyards and established wineries using thousand-year-old traditions fused with agricultural innovation. Our project promotes the Negev as an international Agritourism destination, and showcases the region’s wine, to promote economic and demographic growth and strengthen the local agricultural sector.

Negev Wine Consortium

Do you own a winery or vineyard in the Negev? Our club was founded to serve you! The Negev Wine Consortium strengthens the connection between Agritourism and wine.

The club’s members are winemakers and vintners in the region, who enjoy business guidance, camaraderie, special events, and professional tours through the consortium.

When ancient tradition meets agricultural innovation in the heart of the desert


The term terroir originates from the French word terra, defined as soil, yet enveloping all environmental growing conditions. What is the connection between terroir and the Negev – Israel’s desert growing region? How is terroir related to wine and ancient tradition?

How do the enduring challenges of the desert deliver unique wines that earn international recognition?


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August 2023


Open Farms Festival in Pitchat Nitzana Passover 2023


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